Kubota BX23S starter problem

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My Kubota model BX23S has on intermittent boot problem. Act as if a security switch was not closed. The four safety switches have been replaced twice by the local distributor. Sometimes I can start the tractor, sometimes not. But as the problem can not be easily duplicated, it has not been corrected. The starting steps specified in the Kubota tractor operator manual have been followed.

Turn the ignition key clockwise to the ON position. The battery and oil pressure lamps light up. Sound – click or fast buzz; Click with an interval of about 3 seconds. The white vertical bar of the motor hour counter to the right of 1/10 moves. Appears when you hear the click. Turn the ignition key clockwise to the preheating position. The preheating lamp lights up. Turn the key clockwise to the START position. Nothing happens. There are no sounds. The motor does not start.

Replace the key in the OFF position. The indicator lights go out. There are no sounds. Wait about 7 seconds. A “click” is heard in the vicinity of the boot engine / solenoid. When stirring the strength and the gear lever, the motor does not start. When the engine starts, I hear a strong click the first time the key is turned to the START position. You may not start the first time, but I can turn the key to the OFF position and try again. It will start the third or fourth attempt.

Get up the ground wire where the tractor is screwed, and clean the metal and cable, then reinstall it and make sure the earth is well and tightened. You can also install another ground wire from where the ground strap is screwed into the frame and then to the motor block, the lands are wrong even in new equipment and can cause a lot of scratching your head. A Ford boot cable with eyelets at both ends will work well and you can get the length you need. The Earth will be good enough to make all the lights and the elements of low current consumption work, and maybe sometimes the boot engine. But with a loose cable, an area cumshot or simply a bad cable your problem will exist, and the bad land will not let the starter work, because it is a high consumption item.

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