Kubota BX23S

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Kubota created the subcompact tractor category in 2000, offering diesel power, all-wheel drive, and an impressive list of compatible attachments in a compact package that even novices could handle. Over the years, subtle improvements were made, each identifiable by a new nomenclature. For 2017, the changes are less subtle with the new BX80 series a near-total redesign. The BX23S, and the subject of this review, is based on the power / platform of the BX2380 and is a factory tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB) package.


The Kubota BX23S is a BX80 series 4WD backhoe loader. This tractor has been manufactured by Kubota since 2017. The Kubota BX23S is equipped with a 0.9L three-cylinder diesel engine and a hydrostatic transmission with High-Low gearshift (2 forward and 2 reverse gears).

The Kubota BX23S backhoe tractor uses the Kubota D902 engine. This is a 0.9 L, 898 cm2 (54.8 cu-in) naturally aspirated three-cylinder diesel engine with 72.0 mm (2.83 in) cylinder bore and 73.6 mm (2 , 9 in) of piston stroke. This engine produces 23.3 PS (17.1 kW, 23.0 HP) at 3,200 rpm of gross power and 18 PS (13.2 KW, 17.7 HP) of power in the PTO.

The Kubota BX23S is equipped with hydrostatic steering, oil bath disc brakes, an open cockpit with ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and a 25 liter (6.6 US gallon, 5.5 Imp gallon) fuel tank.

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  • One Tractor for All Jobs: No matter what the task, the Kubota BX80 Series has you covered. Whether it’s shoveling snow, tending grass, moving dirt and materials, mowing pastures, tilling the soil, or any other property maintenance task, Kubota has an attachment that will make your job safer, faster, and easier.
  • Kubota Quality Reputation: Kubota is known for its quality, reliability and longevity – you cannot fake a good reputation, it can only be awarded by your satisfied customers.
  • Great comfort in a small tractor: With a flat cockpit, tilted steering and a luxurious seat with armrests, the BX23S offers comfort that is unmatched in this class of tractors. Add to this the ergonomic placement of the levers and the modern instrument panel and you have one of the best command posts ever offered in a subcompact tractor.
  • Now available with heated cab.
  • Swift-tach loader – Remove your front loader in less than 60 seconds: Why would you want to remove your front loader? One good reason is that removing the front loader helps prevent soil compaction and lawn damage when mowing. It also reduces the turning radius when working in tight areas or around trees. In fact, you will find that there are many times when removing the front loader will make your job faster and easier.
  • This is why it is so important that the BX80 series front loader can be removed quickly, without leaving the operator’s station. The BX80 front loader is not only easy to disassemble, but also has the following first quality characteristics: single-leverage hydraulic connection – coupled and simultaneously decouples the four hydraulic ducts of the front loader; Hydraulic couplers of premium flat face and without spill – less mess and easier to connect than traditional hydraulic tractor couplers; Curved pen design – allows better visibility when performing work with the front loader; Quick coupling of 2 optional levers – easily connects to a wide variety of front loader accessories, such as blades and palette forks; Optional 3rd function valve – for accessories that require hydraulic power, such as clamps; Optional spoon level indicator rod – helps keep the spoon level, further facilitating the manipulation of the material.

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To avoid serious injury or death: Before transporting the machine, raise and center the pen, close the rocker, screw the saucepan, attach the pen and rotation locks and put the pen locking lever and the rotation in Locking position. Always set the tractor / charger / backhoe safely, with chains and chains, to the transport vehicle. Determine and write down the loading height of the backhoe, for transport below the road.

Kubota BX23S reviews

Well, it’s the only new tractor I’ve had … it’s versatile, small, maneuverable, semi-powerful and fun to handle. The backhoe gets and removes very easily. There are several different accessories, such as the blade box, the hole excavator for poles and the wooden cutter. The only negative aspects are the initial price of $ 25,000 and the Barrena Land Pride, which needs a clutch. The unit costs a lot of money and really needs more protection than just a safety pin. In addition, the drill has no pressure down, which absorbs the hard clay, and when it hits a rock (!), It rotates without control. The only way to combat this is to always have the hand in the control of the outlet and prepare to lift and / or stop the rotation.

I bought this tractor six years ago to help with the construction of my house and the landscaping of my property. I paid $ 16,000.00 for him and earned each penny. I use the tractor all the time: in the summer to keep a way from a mile from the country house and transport of trunks out of the forest, and in the winter, blow the snow the same road from the country house. Apart from general maintenance, it has served me well. Maintenance can be expensive buying at the dealership, however there are cheaper sources on the web. The hydraulic pump is weakening and I have a bearing on the main axis.

The tractor is extremely reliable, ideal for light work at home and in the garden.es a fantastic tool that saves a lot of work on the back.The tractor would be more stable if the wheelbase was a bit wider and a Little louder. In general, for the price, the tractor works well and fulfills all my expectations.

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